TOPIC 4 – Public policies for innovation and the governance of AKIS: how to embed advice & education into strategies of AKIS

In the EU, Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) have become explicitly a concept for innovation policy, in a context of support of sustainable transition. The aim of this topic is to explore the consequences of this new paradigm, by contrasting experiences in different European countries, but also between Europe and other contexts in the global North and global South.

Potential questions to be addressed

  • The new CAP: Support to knowledge exchange and innovation processes are central concerns of the new CAP: How and with what effects are such measures designed and implemented by member states?
  • Governance of AKIS: How do actors grasp and enact the AKIS concept?  What structures and mechanisms are in place for effective and efficient coordination of AKIS stakeholders? Are there new funding schemes within AKIS policy: vouchers, etc.
  • Independent advice: The notion of “independent” and “impartial” advice is explicit within the new CAP. How can this notion be designed and implemented in a context of increased pluralism of suppliers?
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: how can the embedeness of advice and education actors be evaluated? How to measure to which extent advisors are interconnected? How can we measure and strengthen knowledge flows?