The detailed program is now available.

Click here to download it as a pdf file.

Please Email Pierre Labarthe if you see any issue with the agenda.

You will find below a first overview of the conference program.

Preliminary program - version 15 June 2023

Please note that this is still a preliminary version that might  be subject to minor changes

The conference will offer:

  • 2 keynote speakers
    • Julie Ingram (University of Gloucester)
    • Katrin Prager (University of Aberdeen)
  • 2 rountables
    • One rountable showcasing the potentialities of new extension methods to support transition towards agroecology (based on farmers' groups and demonstration activities) from various perspectives (advisors, policy makers, researches). It will be based on a French case study, with a comparison with Ireland (to be confirmed)
    • One roundtable proposing an intercontinental perspective on recent trend in agricultural extension & education public policies with and their convergence or divergence with sustainability issues.
    • Ruth Nettle (University of Melbourne, Australia), Ataharul Chowdhury  (University of Guelph, Canada) Andrea Knierim (University of Hohenheim) and Fernando Landini (Conicet) will participate to the roundtable.
  • 5 field trips
  • 5 parallel sessions
  • 2 Social events
    • 1 welcome cocktail
    • 1 gala diner