TOPIC 2 – Digitalisation of advisory services and education

A wide diversity of digital technology is now routinely used in agricultural advice and education. However, we still lack knowledge about how they actually transform the practices, organisations and effectiveness of advice and education.

Potential questions to be addressed:

  • Data governance: which role of advice and education in supporting the management and governance of data? What are the emerging advisory business models associated with agricultural data? What initiatives can be taken to enable teachers and advisors to support farmers in safe and effective data management?
  • Directionality: does digitalisation continue to reinforce the industrialisation of agriculture or can it also serve alternative models with new advice and education models and practices?
  • Empowerment: Can digitisation help advisors and educators reinforce farmers position?
  • Evaluation: how can we evaluate the uptake and effects of digital tools and technologies ? Can advisory services contribute to this?
  • Tools: can we showcase examples of education and advisory digital tools that actually support sustainability? How do they impact educators’ and advisors’ practices, skills and organisations?
  • Digital divide in rural areas: can we highlight successful individual/community/public initiatives to include remote communities?