“Le 100ème singe”: an agroecological third place for activities at the service of societal transitions


In hot weather, around twenty members of the seminar set off to discover the Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif le 100ème singe (https://le100esinge.com/) in Castanet-Tolosan, on the outskirts of Toulouse, with the invaluable assistance of Marjorie as interpreter.

centieme singe panneau

David-Alexandre, one of the co-founders, explained to us in a green setting the principles and operating methods of the 100ème singe, which aims to be a third place, part farm, part office, combined with an agricultural incubator that welcomes and experiments with new forms of work. The aim is to encourage the development of agro-ecological market gardening farms in the peri-urban areas around Toulouse

centieme singe David

We then toured the agricultural plots around the main house of Le 100ème singe. These plots, which have been preserved from urban development, are used as test areas for people wishing to try their hand at farming. We were able to talk to one of these people, who wants to set up in horticulture

After a meal in the 100ème singe garden prepared by the Pica Pica Cosina caterer (local and organic products), we headed for Pinsaguel, near the confluence of the Garonne and Ariège rivers, to visit the aquaponic farm "le poisson maraicher" (https://www.lepoissonmaraicher.fr/). This farm was supported by 100ème singe when it was set up.

centieme singe repas

There are currently 3 partners on the farm and production is managed in an agro-ecological way. Benoît, one of the co-founders, explained the principles of aquaponics and the day-to-day management of fish farming and aquaponic market gardening. The aquaponics system is based on low-cost technical solutions. The products are distributed via local channels and educational visits to the farm are encouraged

poisson maraicher

We then took a short walk along the Ariège in the Confluence Garonne-Ariège regional nature reserve. For those who were brave enough, or rather for those who were the hottest, soaking their feet in the Ariège was a very pleasant and refreshing moment, as the temperature outside approached 40°C. It was a very pleasant end to the day, after some very interesting visits and discussions.

bain ariege