Field trip 3 brought together around twenty participants from various European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand, who wanted to come and meet farmers to get a better idea of the current reality of farming in France in the context of the agro-ecological transition.

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The group visited two farms in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, a dry, hilly area typical of the karstic plateau in the south-western Massif Central: the Picili family's farm, an organic farm producing beef, sheep and pork, with on-farm food processing and direct sales; and the Rames family's farm, a conventional beef and sheep farm starting up a direct sales business.

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While visiting the livestock and processing units, touring some of the farm's plots and observing the flocks, participants were able to hear farmers explain their practices and the meaning of their work. They were also able to talk to local agricultural advisors and local facilitators about what the agro-ecological transition means in terms of farm work, advice and training in this specific area of south-west France, where conventional farming and more agro-ecological practices coexist.

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A number of local stakeholders were also on hand to take over future actions on the ground: the « PETR pays Midi Quercy », via the local food project, Civam « Semailles » (initiative centres to promote agriculture and the rural environment), Adear (association for the development of agricultural and rural employment). Despite the heat, it was a very pleasant day, rich in exchanges, with a much-appreciated convivial and refreshing break in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val! Many thanks to the local stakeholders who welcomed us and to the ESEE conference, which gave us a unique opportunity to create a forum for exchanges between research and development.

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