• DEADLINE for submission (for both abstracts and special sessions): February 16th
  • FORMAT for abstract submission: only one format: oral presentations based on a 3-4 pages extented practice abstract (max. length 20 000 characters, spaces, tables and references included (template below)
  • Template_Extended_Abstract_ESEE_2023
  • FORMAT for special session submission: you can also submit a special session, which can be grounded on innovative formats. Please feel free to innovate! If the session is based on a set of abstracts, they will have to be submitted for evaluation by their author, who should indicate on the extended abstract that it is part of the special session
  • Template_Special_Session_ESEE_2023


  • TOPICS for submission: abstracts must address one of the five topics of the conference (see the section presenting the conference programme for more details)
  1. TOPIC 1 - Transitions towards agroecology & circular economy: Which actors and approaches of advice and education support, what hinders them? [Convenors: Esmaïl Karamidehkordi, Livia Madureira, Eelke Wielinga]
  2. TOPIC 2 - Digitalisation of advisory services and education: what are the effects on digital technology on the practices, actors and organisaton of advice and eduction? [Convenors: Laurens Klerkx, Andrea Knierim, Peter Paree]
  3. TOPIC 3 - Learning for innovation and resilience: which theory and practice developments  (for training, life-long learning and education of farmers, advisors, teachers and facilitators) [Convenors: Monica Gorman, Alex Koutsouris, Maria Gester-Bentaya]
  4. TOPIC 4 - Public policies for innovation and the governance of AKIS: how to embed advice & education into strategies of AKIS Potential [Convenors: Simona Cristiano,Michael Kügler, Patrizia Proietti]
  5. TOPIC 5 - Inclusion and the social dimension of sustainability: (how) are these issues acknowledged in advice and education? [Convenors: Pierre Labarthe, Mark moore]